Broad professional

At the institute, we deal with all components of
multimedia communication: from the processing of multimedia
signals to their transmission through various types of networks.

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Smart Room Lab is specifically
designed for research and development
of intelligent home automation solutions.

Institute of Multimedia Information and Communication Technologies

We deal with everything related to the processing and transmission of information. Students will learn to process and code audio and video signals, design and implement data transfer protocols on all layers of transmission networks, and design complex communication infrastructures. For a long time, we have been solving important international and domestic projects with excellent results.

In the subjects of our institute, we bring students a wide range of information about the latest trends in the field of information and communication technologies. When teaching, we use appropriately chosen educational methods, from paper and pen to virtual and augmented reality. We cooperate with universities and private companies on an international level.

Widespread Focus

We focus on all aspects of the processing and transmission of signals and multimedia content, including virtual and augmented reality and their applications, via wireless or wired (metallic and optical) networks.

Modern Equipment

During teaching and when solving projects, we work with the latest technologies and equipment and push the boundaries of their use. For this, we have a number of well-equipped laboratories.

Current Research

Professors, together with researchers and students, create solutions and technologies supported by patents and protected industrial designs as part of international and domestic projects.

Professional Orientation

The institute offers most of its subjects within the Information and Communication Technologies study programme. In the bachelor’s program, we strive for all students to gain a broad professional insight into various aspects of the creation, coding, and transmission of digital multimedia. Although we do not distinguish between study areas at the institute, by choosing suitable subjects, a student can already focus on a professional direction that interests him as part of his bachelor’s studies.