IMICT has an active and long-term cooperation with secondary schools on educational projects that bring new modern educational procedures and materials verified at the international level.​

Many high school students have already come into contact with ÚMIKT activities. Within the educational projects, on which the team of ÚMIKT professionals continuously work, test and evaluate, we cooperate with several secondary vocational schools throughout Slovakia and abroad. These are projects in which we are looking for new innovative forms of teaching various subjects to help students better understand the issue. In addition to appropriately written texts, we also use interactive elements such as videos, augmented or virtual reality.

Learning Materials Portal

Over several years in international cooperation, we created a number of textbooks on various topics in the field of multimedia systems, wired and wireless network technologies, communication protocols and security. These materials are suitable for both high school students and university students. They are available in several language variants free of charge for all curious students.