SDRLab – a Software-Defined Radio in research and teaching

The project expands the existing software radio laboratory at FEI STU with experiments with MIMO communication systems. Team members from three institutes bring complementary skills from the fields of electrical engineering, informatics and mathematics and create the synergy necessary for the application of UI algorithms directly in SW modems. In addition to supporting excellent publications, the publication of unprocessed measured datasets according to the principles of open data will bring the opportunity to use the laboratory in virtual measurement mode to all academic and industrial laboratories in Slovakia, thereby saving them substantial financial costs and time spent calibrating SDR equipment.


Ing. Tomáš Páleník, PhD.
Lukáš Bariš
Matej Bartoš
Bc. Jozef Benc
Ing. Ladislav Divinec
prof. Ing. Peter Farkaš, DrSc.
Jakub Gabriš
prof. Ing. René Harťanský, PhD.
Matej Hromada
doc. Ing. Martin Rakús, PhD.
Bc. Michal Štibraný