Traditional theoretical methods are not sufficient for teaching the most modern digital communication systems, such as LTE, IEEE 802.11ac, or the most modern systems for Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Students need to acquire practical skills associated with the actual implementation of such systems. The current curriculum meets this need to a certain extent by using computer simulations, while their shortcomings are widely known to the professional public – it is only possible to fully understand all aspects of information transfer through a mobile communication channel when interacting with a real system. Software radio (SDR) allows developers to implement a substantial part of the system in SW, but by direct connection to hardware implementation and digital-to-analog conversion, at the same time to test the real functioning of all aspects of the system. In addition, thanks to full programmability, it enables rapid testing of the latest ideas and procedures in cutting-edge research.

Research Team

Ing. Tomáš Páleník, PhD.
doc. Ing. Martin Rakús, PhD.
Mgr. Ing. Andrej Ralbovský